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We are continuously working in the development of user friendly web based tools to provide online customers with the latest technologies to add features into their websites.
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Enhance your users experience by adding an AltaChannel Video Player on your website.

Having a AltaChannel video player on your website is a nice add-in feature to raise the value of your website.

AltaChannel offers website owners all the necessary components to be able to add video quickly and cost effectively on their websites.

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The application software resides on AltaChannel systems and is accessed by your users through a web browser.

There are a number of advantages to this approach, including:

  • Software integration issues are eliminated from the client site.
  • Reduce internal IT costs to a predictable monthly fee.
Bandwidth and Server performance stays on AltaChannels side, by this we allow you to pull the information direct from our systems, customers should not worry about exceeding system resources and high bandwidth costs.

AltaChannel's Video on demand (VOD) allow your users to select and watch video content over their browsers.

AltaChannel uses streaming technology, allowing viewing while the video is being downloaded. It uses flash technology to provide a fast load and yet a high quality video experience.

AltaChannel is fully customizable for each customer, we provide each customer with a control panel in which they can modify the appearance of their AltaChannel video player including colors, watermarks and logos, as well as a module of statistics to monitor the performance of each clip.

We offer different packages with a number of privileges to choose from for a successful online video distribution campaign.

We offer AltaChannel as a solution for any type of business. AltaChannel can be adapted to fulfill any profile.

  • Vertical Portals
  • Online Stores
  • Newspapers Online
  • News Agencies
  • Channels
  • Car Dealerships
  • Real Estate Agents
    You Name it!

Click Here to view an AltaChanel Demo

Managing your AltaChannel Video Player
The customer can choose between a number of options to manage their AltaChannel Video Player. We can manage the look and feel of your player, your content and advertising clips if added as a privilege or you can do it all by yourself by using the user-friendly control panel, no programming skills are required, we also give our customers help and support.

Managed Accounts
AltaChannel will manage your account as for encoding your content and uploading it to the Databases direct, also we provide you with a control panel to monitor your campaigns and performance.

You provide AltaChannel with your videos in any of the following formats: DVD, Mini DV, QuickTime, MPEG, Windows Media Video or Macromedia Flash Movie and we will take care of the rest.

Non-Managed Accounts
Altachannel will set you up all the way trough for you to be able to upload your own content direct to the Databases, this option is for those with the skills and the time to encode the content. A user manual and guidelines are published on our help module on our website 24/7.

AltaChannel has created a module inside its Video Player to allow customers run their own advertising campaigns, this is offered as a privilege to your account.

We have a list of different features to add to each AltaChannel Video Player:

- Top 5 Pick
This feature only allows you to choose 5 clips to be published on your AltaChannel Video Player. you can upload videos at anytime, videos will automatically rearrange in the order received, leaving the latest one on top and having the last one disappear.

- Searchable Archive
This feature includes the Top 5 Pick plus an archive in which all the videos will be stored as you upload them, users can browse this media as well as execute search queries to find what they want to watch trough your entire archive.

- Add your own content
With this feature you are enabled to upload your own video clips and manage them.

- Advertising Module
AltaChannel offers this module to customers willing to run an advertising campaign. AD clips are stored in the same manner as Video Clips but in a different Database allowing you to keep them separated from your video list and get unique statistics on their performance. With an Auto Delete option you can set your Ad clips to stop from showing at a specific date. Ad clips are shown randomly before each video clip is requested. the player controls are not present when the Ad clip is being played.

- Add your own Ad Clips
AltaChannel will allow you to upload and manage your own advertising campaigns.

- No Adds
By setting this feature on your player will not show any Advertisement Clips.

- Third Party Advertising
AltaChannel will run advertising campaigns on your AltaChannel Player.

- Statistics
All customers are provided with this feature. Statistics lets you monitor the total times each video and each Advertisement clip (if enabled) has been played since it was uploaded. You keep track of your videos by adding an Item number every time you upload a Video or an Ad clip. You can get the statistics for a particular video or Ad clip, all the videos, all the Ad clips or all media together.

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AltaChannel has a one time only setup fee and a monthly fee, this monthly fee will be calculated based upon the privileges you request for your customized AltaChannel solution. You can add or remove any privileges at any time by written request.

There is a one time only setup fee, we will create your account and prepare your customized AltaChannel video player. We will help you adding your new player to your website.

There are two ways to load your AltaChannel video player on your website, you can either pull it on an external window as a pop up window or you can add it direct into your inner or main pages. We provide you with a few lines of HTML code to add either one of the options, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time if you need help with this.

We have created a special Help section on our website which display concise answers to most common questions asked. We also offer Support to your account depending on its privileges.

Click Here to view an AltaChanel Demo

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