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Mobile carriers or providers can choose between Media2air's Non-Branded or Branded contents, according to its marketing needs and budget.
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Media2air is continuously developing new channels with content varying from entertainment to sports to cooking- for both Internet and cell phone devices.
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Through the website, clients can choose the hottest Hollywood news daily.

Both services are offered as a wire service or per-download base.

Registration is free for all website services.

video archive has the latest celebrity events:

  • Red Carpet Events
  • Celebrity Events
  • Movie Premiers
  • Awards
  • And More
is a news agency dedicated to covering entertainment events and their consequent distribution to the international broadcasting community.

Through the website, TV producers have direct access to the best of the entertainment world: the latest red carpet events, movie premieres, press junkets, interviews, award shows, and other inside Hollywood videos.

With a personal password our clients can access online, instantaneous videos, which provide the latest of exclusive and non-exclusive entertainment news.

These videos are provided without the existence of tedious downloading, which allows the client immediate access to the content they desire. Thereafter, clients can instantly receive a broadcast quality video(s), delivered via an IP based system, straight onto their computer. Media2air offers different levels of flat-fee and per-event services, which can include customization for the client's individual needs. Together, and , have an extensive library providing countless hours of celebrity footage.

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