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Using our extensive broadcasting experience and expertise, we are able to provide diverse services to fulfill any media need in pre-production, production and post-production.
Pre-Production services for broadcasters + Request more information   
Many TV shows, no matter if they are in the United States or abroad, lack the production resources or wherewithal to cover entertainment events in Hollywood (i.e. the Oscars or the Golden Globes).

In these scenarios, we are able to provide partial or full completion of the news production process, according to the client's need.

For special assignments, like the Oscars, we provide our clients with every single detail: HD equipment, logistics, on site production assistance, and satellite live feed. We can even place an editor with a portable editing system in your talent's hotel room.

Talent Booking
Media2air also makes its production notebook available to clients so that you can bring celebrities to your show.

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Production services for broadcasters + Request more information   
News Coverage
In order to ensure your particular needs are met, we assign a TV crew to your show, with your own cameraman, sound tech, producer and even on field talent who speaks the language, to guarantee the footage is personalized for your audience.

Live Reporting
We can set up a live satellite feed for your talent to report live from a desired location.
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Post-Production services for broadcasters + Request more information   
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Graphic Design
A graphic enviroment can often be the first point of contact for a business. It should assist in capturing the trust of a potential enquirer. It should reflect whom a company is, what they do and why the enquirer should do business with them.

Our aim at Media2Air is to help companies achieve this through developing cost effective, aesthetically pleasing graphics, that are lucid, easy to navigate and which feature prominently on major platforms.

We can help you design a Logo, a Branding campaign and Print materials.
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